Monday, May 17, 2021

Modern Warfare players found Fight Club and hit each other in the mouth

Who needs firearms when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has something for hand-to-hand combat? "Nobody", thought at least one group of players and turned their match into a fight club.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Of course, the Fight Club's most important rule was broken straight away when the participating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players posted their tackles on Reddit. The group apparently wanted a little variety, so they threw the actual game mode overboard and created their own.

On the map Khandor Hideout the raised foundation of a power pole offers the perfect ring for the fight club. There the players only played 1 against 1 the potash sticks armed against each other and pounded each other properly.

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Reddit user and Fight Club member Matikata reported in the post that he and his friends regularly try to convince the other team of such actions. Another mode of theirs is knife and shield combat. In the clip you can see a spoiler who uses a gun in the Fight Club, but then he had the entire match against him.

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The idea could well spread throughout the community, since Modern Warfare has sold 30 million copies, there should be many players who have watched the classic by David Fincher from 1999.

You might even have found inspiration to try something new. Shoot house and shipment get boring at some point.