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Season 5 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is coming – and with it a major update. So far, what new modes and maps Infinity Ward will release with the patch in the coming week has been a secret. The roadmap with the new content for Season 5 should follow at the start of the season: activation is expected for August 5. It seems to be already certain that the next update for Modern Warfare and Warzone will introduce a number of bug fixes. The developers' Trello board shows that some hotfixes are about to be released.

The start of the Season 5 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is getting closer: The new season is expected to begin on August 5. It is likely that a major update will be available for download as a release: With the release of the new season, new content such as maps, weapons and game modes are likely to be released. Larger map changes appear to be pending especially for Warzone. Current teaser videos let us assume, for example, that the doors of the football stadium will finally open with the start of Season 5. Players can then probably view the inside of the Enter sports facility in Verdansk. In addition, there are always indications of a train packed with loot, which is to go over the map from now on.

Infinity Ward should submit the roadmap for the new content at the start of Season 5 next week. It already seems certain that some bug fixes will be installed with the update. A look at the developers' Trello board reveals that there are currently a few bug fixes before the release. Means: The error corrections have already been completed, are currently only waiting for the live release via update. For modern warfare (buy now for € 59.33) the developers have prepared a bugfix for the Killstreak precision airstrike. Most recently, players reported not being able to use the killstreak – although it is available. In addition, the developers have fixed tearing problems on the newer multiplayer maps.

As the Trello board also shows, there are fixes for invisible collisions on the promenade and kiosk exploits on Piccadilly before the release. In addition, the crosshairs for the standard Rytec AMR visor should soon be adjustable. A bugfix for an ammunition glitch not mentioned in particular is to be installed especially for Warzone. You can find out which bug fixes are currently in progress at Infinity Ward under this Link to Trello. We will find out in the coming week which error corrections will finally make it into the Season 5 update. The patch notes should be released for the update release on August 5.

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Modern Warfare & Warzone: Season 5 is about to start – the teaser trailers reveal that

Season 5 is about to start in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The big update is expected to appear next week.

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