Player of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone fight their way through a Halloween event: The new update on the Verdansk ghost was available yesterday evening. The patch notes with the individual changes and innovations are now available. In the first week of the horror festival event, you will discover the Verdansk warzone map at night: An atmospheric setting awaits you by moonlight – the night map is available in selected modes, including the trios. In addition, the new Zombie Royale mode starts – in line with the Halloween celebrations.

In Zombie Royale you fight alongside the undead – or against them. Unlike in the other Warzone modes, deactivated operators do not get into the gulag, but return as a zombie. The undead receive special abilities – weapons are not available. Her superpowers include faster movement speed, improved jumps, and more deadly melee attacks. Especially helpful at night: a thermal view. In addition to the new playlists, the Halloween event also brings a fresh reward system into play. In individual areas on Verdansk, you will discover special supply boxes that contain individual cosmetics, including new construction plans.

In the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there is also a scary mood. The Halloween event, for example, brings the Onslaughter mode to the first person shooter: Here squads have to take control of a juggernaut suit that spawns at random locations on the cards and has to be brought into a specified target zone. In the playlist you will also discover the two modes Gunfright and Halloween Moshpit. The first week of the Halloween event is rounded off by new bundles. Packages for the horror film classics Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are available in the in-game shop. A roadmap with the further content for the Halloween event in Warzone and Modern Warfare we have available in a separate article under this link. The event runs until November 3rd. (buy now € 58.48 /€ 54.99 )

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