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For several weeks, a money bug was active in GTA Online, through which players could get lots of money. Rockstar Games has now responded and removed the bug. But he is already active again in the game.

Rockstar Games recently removed two major bugs from GTA Online, the online mode of the action game GTA 5. On the one hand, it was a so-called "glitch" that made players invulnerable and a bug that made it possible to get a lot of money.

The money bug is still there

The money bug in particular was active in GTA Online for a long time and was hotly debated in the community of the game. Not a few players are said to have enriched it. The honest players think that Rockstar Games has reacted now. What is less good, however, is that it is now possible to make a lot of money through a problem in the game.

Just a few hours after Rockstar Games released the patch last Saturday and the money bug actually didn't work anymore, players discovered a new way to get a lot of money illegally. We won't post a guide here, but there is already information circulating within the community of how players can tap into millions despite the patch by exploiting a problem in GTA Online.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. The casino opened in GTA Online in July 2019. At the horse races it was possible to get much more money than was originally intended. This way, players could make millions in no time. Only in August the problem was fixed by a patch, but shortly afterwards players found another way to get the money. There was also such a money glitch in 2018.

It is currently not possible to say how long Rockstar Games will take to develop a really waterproof patch for GTA Online, which will finally make the money bug a thing of the past.

Source: Reddit

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