Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Monkey gets brain implants – and becomes a telepathic gamer

Image source: Pixabay

Basically, we humans differ little from apes. The fact that they can also handle video games has long been old hat. What can now be seen in a new video leaves us speechless. With brain implants, a monkey becomes a gamer with telepathic abilities.

Experiment: Monkey controls play with thoughts

The nine-year-old macaque named Pager actually does everything for banana smoothies. Researchers have now used this fact to investigate the monkey Inserting brain implantsto accurately record activities while playing. The brain activities are transmitted via Bluetooth and can even be seen on the smartphone.

It quickly becomes clear that the whole thing is more than just a questionable experiment: researchers use the brain activities of pagers to measure physical Calculate movements of the joystick in advance to be able to. This has meanwhile been so successful that the joystick itself can be decoupled from the system. So it is already enough that the monkey just have to think about the movementsto actually make them appear on the screen.

The stated aim of the experiment is to help people with physical impairments Controlling a computer or smartphone through thoughts to allow. However, it will take some time before marketable devices are introduced. There is no official schedule yet.

The video shows how good the telepathic gaming monkey is:

Monkey as a gamer: Controlling Pong with your thoughts

As explained in the video, it is MindPong to Pager’s favorite game. He doesn’t have to use a joystick for a long time, instead the bat is used simply controlled by thoughts. Some human opponents would certainly put it in their pockets.