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With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the developers of Blizzard are loosening up some of the rules with which weapons the different game styles can use in combat. Frost Death Knights in particular will be happy to finally be no longer limited to two one-handed weapons.

Most death knights will still remember that as a player in the Frost specialization, you always had to make a big decision – two one-handed weapons or a thick two-handed? Sometimes one way of playing was a little better and sometimes the other, but everyone could choose. With Legion and the artifact weapons, the selection then disappeared and did not return with Battle for Azeroth. The same happened to the master brewer monk, who has been committed to a two-handed weapon since the Legion.
It has to be mentioned that both ways of playing still have the theoretical choice – but not in practice. The Frost Death Knight simply cannot do some skills without a hand, just like the master brewer.

With the upcoming expansion Shadowlands this freedom finally returns. As we were told in the big blog post about class changes, the developers want to tweak some of the skills and talents that work for both weapons. Brewmasters can then refuel with two hands and Frost Death Knights can finally swing the two hands again.
Incidentally, nothing has yet been said about the warriors. In addition to the monks and death knights, the Furor warriors in the past have repeatedly demanded that the old way of playing with two one-handed weapons should return. It is quite possible that warriors can also look forward to it in the near future. Because the change to the death knights and monks is currently viewed almost without exception positively.

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