Monks oneshott in arena thanks to broken PvP scaling players

from Sebastian Glanzer
Not only Rextroy has fun with the crazy PvP scaling in WoW. In the meantime, monks have discovered how they can guaranteed oneshott opponent players in the arena.

We have already discussed several times that PvP scaling is broken in WoW: Under certain conditions, players with little or even no equipment have advantages over players who have equipped the best gear. Even creating pedestals is avoided by some players, as it increases the hidden item level of the PvP scaling and basically makes you weaker. So far, however, it has only carried extremely bored and at the same time smart players like Rextroy into taking advantage of PvP scaling and making some entertaining videos out of it.

The exploitation of PvP scaling seems to be more and more socially acceptable thanks to the Rextroy videos. Nowadays, players take advantage of equipment dumping to do more damage with certain attacks. For example, the monk has the option of taking the opponent with him Touch of death to prove yourself by Flying snake step to make up the dust to get out of the fight and just before the end of Touch of death to take off his equipment. Taking off the armor causes PvP scaling to become active and Touch of death causes significantly more damage. As you can see in the video, the monk causes over 600,000 points of damage with this trick Touch of death.

WoW: Monks oneshott thanks to broken PvP scaling player in arena (2)

WoW: Monks oneshott thanks to broken PvP scaling player in arena (2)

Source: qStormz

Before and during the BfA, many players didn't even know that such a system even existed. Now that it is making the rounds and even monks on arena ratings of 2,000+ are using the system, PvP scaling in its current form cannot actually find its way into the Shadowlands. If so, we are facing wild times in PvP.

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