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After the "Monster" success of Monster Hunter: World, Nintendo fans have been hoping for a Switch version of the Japanese hunting game. That remains very unlikely, but a brand new part of the series for the Switch should already be in development. That's what Capcom insider Dusk Golem claims. According to him, this will also be officially revealed soon.

Capcom Insider Dusk Golem last weekend claimed via Twitter that after the successful Monster Hunter: World a new offshoot of the series is already being worked on. The indie developer has allegedly predicted events at Capcom correctly several times in the past. Dusk Golem does not name a title, however, he simply calls it "Monster Hunter Switch." That definitely suggests that we will soon be able to hunt monsters on the small Nintendo console.

He does not comment on whether the monsters can also be fought on the PC or on other consoles. The game should run on the RE engine, which was also used for the last Resident Evil parts, for example. As far as he knows, the official announcement is not too far away. It remains unlikely that the current title, Monster Hunter: World, will appear on the Switch. In June the developers said they currently have no plansto bring the game to the Switch. On September 30th, however, the fifth update for Monster Hunter: World comes out.

Monster Hunter: World (buy now for 19.99 €) is with 16.1 million games sold Capcom's best-selling game to date. In the same tweet, Dusk Golem also mentions that Silent Hill is still in development and a new Shenmue-related game will be announced in the next week or two. He also claims that Resident Evil 8 will probably be a great game, which he doubts about Resident Evil 4.

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