Capcom would like to thank its fans for the successful launch of Monster Hunter Rise and is giving away some free content for all players. If you want to pick up the “Kamura Pack 1”, you simply have to pay Postman Senri a visit in the game. There you can add the package to your inventory at no additional cost.

Those responsible have already published a list of the items that are in Kamura Pack 1. Among other things, fans can look forward to 30 mega potions, 20 well-done steaks, 10 large barrel bombs as well as 5 mega demondrugs and mega armor skins each. With these items the monster hunt is made a little easier. You can see all the details again in the Capcom tweet.

The reason to celebrate is the five million units of Monster Hunter Rise that have been shipped since its release on March 26, 2021. The latest part of the Capcom series is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch so far. The game will also be released for the PC at the beginning of next year. In our test for Monster Hunter Rise we have more information about the game for you.

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