Monster Hunter Rise will initially appear exclusively for the Nintendo Switch next month. But the developers have now announced that the game will come for another platform in 2022.


PC gamers can look forward to it, because Monster Hunter Rise should also be playable on the PC in spring 2022. While the game will initially be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021, the development team is already working on a PC port. According to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, the reason for this is the great interest in the franchise from players.

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The new Capcom game Monster Hunter Rise is only a little over a month away – the game will expected on March 26, 2021 released. At yesterday's Nintendo Direct you could already take a look at the mighty new monsters: The trailer definitely makes you want to go on a monumental monster hunt.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Kamura in danger

From the spectacular trailer it can be deduced that, as usual, Monster Hunter Rise will be extremely lively. In the action RPG, it appears to be the Siege of Kamura to shoot – and you have to protect the village from all sorts of gigantic threats.

Check out the latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer here:

Monster Hunter Rise: Looking forward to the monster action

As you can see in our preview of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, the first impressions of Capcom's newest franchise entry are pretty promising – and the new trailer seems to confirm that in every way. With new monsters, weapons and the traditional-gripping combat system you can already look forward to plenty of monster action on the Nintendo Switch – the time will finally come on March 26th.

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