Friends of the well-groomed monster hunt can finally go on the search for clues again and give the oversized creatures a good deal in sweaty confrontations. Many have been waiting since very successful predecessor Monster Hunter World surely full of anticipation for new monster food and from Friday, March 26th, it will finally be that time again on the Nintendo Switch. In order to find out whether the acquisition of the latest offshoot is worthwhile or not, we have collected an overview of the most important reviews including ratings for you. This will give you a good impression in advance. Why the hunting fever also seized us, you can find out in our test.

In addition to old friends, Monster Hunter Rise also offers fresh meat for advanced hunters. There is, for example, the Goss Harag, a yeti-like creature that could catch you cold with its attacks. Or the menacing Magnamalo, who adorns the cover of the game for a reason Already heated up a lot in the demo. In addition to new monsters, the rope beetles are probably the most spectacular new feature of Monster Hunter Rise. With them, players can ride and control the impressive creatures for a short time. But also outside of the fight the rope beetles are a practical means of fast locomotion in the mountainous areas.

Monster Hunter Rise (buy now ) will be released on March 26, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and costs 59.99 euros. A PC version is to follow in the course of next year. As with Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise will also be supplied with updates and new monsters after the launch.

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