Monster Hunter World – Iceborne: The Steam Plant Explains

One of the most important innovations in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the steam plant, which gives you a whole range of important items. We explain to you how exactly the steam plant works.

You can help the steam plant by using the Technical manager in Seliana speak. You will find it on the top level, to the right of the entrance to the meeting place.

Then select the option Help the steam plant to start the mini-game. You can generate steam power by alternately square. triangle and circle respectively X. Y and B suppressed.

Your The chance of success is completely random, there is no way to predict the right combination. For this reason, you can alternatively simply Hold R2 / RT pressedto automate the entries.

An exception to this rule is the bonus time: Every now and then it can happen that three Felyne of the steam plant show you which button to press and when.

You get these rewards from the steam plant

If you help the steam plant, you can do quite a number useful items as a reward to back up. These primarily include:

  • Heavenly Wyverian print
  • Heavy armor ball
  • Hard armor ball
  • Rüstkugel +
  • Gold egg
  • Steam Ticket
  • Mega-barrel bomb
  • Ancient potion
  • life dust
  • Mega Potion
  • tranquilizers bomb

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As part of special events, such as the Lunar Festival or the Astral Festival, you can also do special things with the steam plant Earn melting tickets:

  • Gold melting ticket
  • Silver melting ticket
  • Steel melting ticket

You can buy these tickets at Verschmelzita under the point guild alchemy exchange for decorations.

This is how you collect fuel for the steam plant

The fuel for the steam plant fills up automatically by completing Master Rank quests back on. In addition, you can also use the option Add fuel Convert ores to energy.

You can use practically all ores that you mine on expeditions and in the lead countries at collection points. However, make sure that many of these ores are also required for the manufacture of weapons and armor in the smithy, so think carefully about which ores you want to convert into fuel.

The best option for that Dragon Veins Shard. Dragon Vein Coal and Dragon Vein Coal piece, These are not required in the forge and can be converted into a particularly large amount of fuel.

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