Streamer MontanaBlack caused controversy several times because of his behavior. This time, however, he probably pushed it too far and got himself a Twitch ban.

MontanaBlack: That vacation backfired

MontanaBlack is one of the largest Twitch streamers in Germany and automatically assumes a role model function. However, this is not always positive, for example during his vacation in Malta.

During his streams he was extremely disrespectful to women. So he began to assess the attractiveness of passers-by, in another he photographed a woman without permission and shouted inappropriate statements to her.

There were also enough scandals in 2019.

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Banned from Twitch for 33 days

YouTuber HandIOfIBlood drew attention to the sexist behavior and denounced the incident on Twitter. MontanaBlack fans played down the incident, but many agree – the streamer should be aware of the harmful influence he has on his young viewers. This is also followed by the Twitch platform, which has banned the streamer for 33 days after a big shit storm.

In a deleted video, MontanaBlack commented on its actions and admitted the mistake.

“33 days break is the response to my stupid and questionable behavior on the part of Twitch. I respect and accept that because I simply behaved wrongly. An action is followed by a reaction, ”says the streamer.

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