More and more signs of an early unveiling of the PlayStation 5

After Sony announced that – oh surprise! – the new PS5, of course, is called PlayStation 5, could soon expect a detailed presentation of the console. In addition to inside information, there are now several trademark protection entries. Everything points to February 2020.

An industry insider believes that the PS5 should be released at the end of the year. That is probably all the case, since the first games are already being developed for the new generation of consoles. Of course, we will only find out the exact release date at the official launch of the console – and that could wait in front of our digital front door in a few days.

In addition to inside information, which I will discuss below, there are new indications that PlayStation 5 will be unveiled soon: The last few days have been multiple trademark entries performed by Sony, all of course on the title "PS5". Trademark protection was registered in Switzerland, another in New Zealand,

Like the Dutch technology page LetsGoDigital out of experience, we can now use a very early launch of the console Speculate: The PS4 was first introduced on February 20, 2014, and before that on February 13, the title "PS4“Secured by trademark protection entry in Europe – also in Switzerland. So seven days before the unveiling. Let's believe the information one Insiders, should that Reval in February occur. So it fits like a fist on the eye.

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Original message from January 16, 2020, 1:10 p.m.

Inside information about the PS5 reveal

Polygon and Variety journalist Mike Futter recently got on Twitter revealed that he knows two things from safe sources:

  1. The upcoming Sony event Destination PlayStation is not managed by Sony. Instead, another company takes over the planning here.
  2. For that it should in February an official Reveal to PlayStation 5 give

“The event (Destination PlayStation) usually takes place in February. What could mean that Sony wants the spotlight entirely for its PS5 reveal (and that it doesn't want to host two events in the same period). Makes sense. The PS4 event was in February 2013 in New York, for reference. "

The PS5 is backwards compatible!

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While the information about the PlayStation event can certainly be correct, everything else is of course pure speculation. Nevertheless, it would make sense for Sony to officially present the PS5 soon. Especially since they are with previous reveals a similar period have chosen, and – as we know – has a high priority for the tried and tested Sony (see the official PS5 logo that looks like all other PlayStation logos).