More and more streamers are accused of sexual harassment

from Andreas Bertits
Twitch is currently revealing its dark side as more and more people, mostly women, are making allegations of sexual harassment against known streamers. This leaves the platform in a very bad light.

It is seething in the streaming community, because little by little a juggernaut is emerging, which may have arisen due to insufficient regulation: More and more accusations – mainly of women – are coming up that well-known streamers Twitch Sexually harassing people.

Dark chasms

A prominent example is Omeed Dariani, the (now former) CEO of the Online Performers Group. OPG is known for managing successful streamers such as Ben "CohhCarnage" Cassell, Brian "Grimmmz" Rincon, and Cory "Gothalion" Michael. Former streamer Molly Ayala accused Omeed Dariani of explaining to her that women get better in the game industry when they sleep with men in appropriate positions. He would also have offered her a "threesome" with him and his wife. At first Omeed Dariani denied this, but later admitted his wrongdoing to Molly Ayala. As a result, many clients left OPG. The company now faces very difficult times.

But that's just a story. In the meantime, more and more are emerging. Well-known streamers Tom "Syndicate" Cassell and Lono "SayNoToRage" are also accused of sexual harassment. Natalie "ZombiUnicorn" Casanova even said that Tom Cassel raped and sexually abused her. Cassell denies this and describes the situation as a homicide. Destiny streamer Lono "SayNoToRage" is also accused by several women of sexually harassing her.

The increasing number of these stories about sexual harassment and in some cases even abuse by well-known streamers is currently casting a very bad light on Twitch. The fact that Twitch's CEO Emmett Shear allegedly doesn't really take these problems seriously shortens the already burning fuse of the powder keg. Shear has since said that reports will be followed up and Twitch will have to do a much better job on this front in the future.

"We have prioritized the most serious cases and will immediately begin imposing permanent suspensions in line with our knowledge," said Twitch in one Blog post and indicated that some allegations were still under investigation. "In many of the cases, the alleged incident took place outside of Twitch, and we need more information to make a decision." This probably means the well-known and successful streamer Tom "Syndicate" Cassell and Lono "SayNoToRage", since neither have yet been confronted with the corresponding consequences.

The once so glamorous image of the streaming service is now very tired. The company now has a lot of work to do to repair the image damage and ensure that the future will focus on the safety of users and not on the profit that successful streamers, who have apparently enjoyed freedom from fooling so far .

Source: Kotaku

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