More gold when buying through the website

from Susanne Braun
While those in charge of Epic Games and the Epic Game Store continue to mess with Apple and Google's decision-makers in the Fortnite clinch, developers are gradually drawing their lessons from the madness. The makers of the sandbox MMO Albion Online attract their fans with more gold if they do their gold purchases via the direct client or the Albion website.

While some argue, others draw their lessons from it. A quick recap of the Fortnite drama: The folks at Epic Games built a V-Buck purchase into the battle royale hit Fortnite that bypassed Apple and Google store fees in the mobile version of the game. Those in charge of the large corporations did not agree at all and threw Fortnite out of the Apple Store and Google Play. Epic's lawyers, in turn, sued. A lot of Zoff for understandable reasons: The fees from Apple and Google are quite high at 30 percent of the purchase price of an item, package or game.

The developers at Sandbox Interactive appeared to have observed this controversy and learned their lessons from it. That's why there is now more gold for your money if you buy a gold package for Albion Online via the direct client of the MMO or via the Albion website. The developers put it this way: "As a thank you for everyone who plays via the direct client, all gold purchases from this or from the website will now bring in more gold." Even if you play Albion Online on Steam, you can benefit from it – simply by getting the gold on the Webshop buys. How exactly does that work?

Whoever buys directly gets instead

  • 750 gold for $ 4.95 now 800 gold
  • 1,750 gold for $ 9.95 now 1,900 gold
  • 3,750 gold for $ 19.95 now 4,000 gold
  • 10,000 gold for $ 49.95 now 10,500 gold
  • 21,000 gold for $ 99.95 now 22,000 gold

Have fun in Albion Online, with or without a shopping tour! You can regularly find out how things are going at Epic and Apple from us. Apple currently wants money from Epic.

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