As early as August 19, 2020, the Pokémon Go fans from PokeMiners found all sorts of references to the mega-Pokémon, mega-evolutions, mega-raids and more in APK 0.185.0 of the pocket monster game. And now there are also references to Mega Bibor, a Mega Special Research and other things that you can expect with the Mega Pokémon. Before we recap what the PokeMiners folks found, just a note: It is not official information from the developers of Pokémon Go and cannot be proven or changed!

With the title "A Mega Discovery" (A Mega Discovery in English) a special research awaits you, which in four steps not only introduces you to the mega developments and mega-Pokémon, but also to mega-Bibor. The information can be drawn from the text that your pocket monsters need a certain amount of mega-energy for mega-evolution, and that Mon also uses his own.

Once the Mega Energy has been collected, a Mon can become a Mega Pokémon for a limited time; it is believed that this development lasted for two hours. However, you can only store a limited amount of the mega-energy. Additional text suggests that best buddies use less energy in this process than pocket monsters, who are not so closely connected to you. With regard to mega-raids, the developments of the first generation starters seem to play a role during special research, as mega-bisaflor, mega-charizard and mega-turtok. By the way, the people of PokeMiners assume that mega-energy was originally the mega-candy (mega-candy in English), and that this resource has now been given a different name.

It seems that you can only mega-develop one monster at a time, and not swap them with other trainers or assign them a place in an arena. With the mega-evolutions, a separate Pokédex seems to come into play, in which you register your mega-Pokémon. Interesting: In the chunks of text, Kyogre and Groudon are also mentioned in their primeval form, as well as the mysterious Pokémon Diancie from the sixth generation.

In the field of research, a new category is coming up to underline the introduction of the mega-evolutions. Many trainers find it less great that regional restrictions on raid invitations for friends could come into play. All of the PokeMiners found information can be found on Reddit.

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