An expansion pass brings more content and Pokémon for sword & shield. Dexit issues are also addressed with the DLCs.

Nintendo and Game Freak recently announced an expansion pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield. The two DLCs appear in June and autumn 2020 and are entitled "The Isle of Armor" and "The Snow Land of the Crown",

With the two DLCs, over 200 other Pokémon are coming to the Galar region. Why is that so important? A major criticism of many fans was the evaporated Pokédex. Of the nearly 900 Pokémon that have now been combined, only 400 could be caught in both game versions. Players who care about a completed Pokédex didn't have a chance to achieve what was probably the franchises' most important claim – to snap them all up. The topic became known under the term Dexit.

The expansion pass brings players a good deal closer to a “National Dex”. Basically, you don't even need to buy the DLC, because the Pokémon can be exchanged without the expansion, Allegations that Nintendo would hide the Pokémon behind a 30 Euro paywall are therefore not entirely valid, especially since the DLCs have far more content than just 200 other Pokémon.

According to Gamefreak, the Pokémon Home Service is another way to get all Pokémon without an extension. In the case of Pokémon Home, this even includes access to older Pokémon games.

Of course it should be mentioned here that Pokémon Home will be a paid service and also the possibility to exchange until then, requires a Nintendo Switch online subscription, An annual subscription costs around 20 euros. The costs for Pokémon Home are not yet known.

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