More puzzles, more bored players

For the fifth time, the teaser website provides “news” that is supposed to result in Call of Duty 2020. In the end it was just another door in Warzone.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Treyarch and Activision are running a pretty strong marketing campaign for Call of Duty 2020, the name of which will most likely be Black Ops Cold War.

Even if the many Black Ops Easter Eggs be left out in Warzone, this scavenger hunt has been going on for almost two weeks. It started with slide projectors being sent to Content Creator, went on to a website that gradually started watching VHS tapes, and that always led to a code-locked door in Warzone.

The problem is, the players are hardly any smarter than before. It has been known for months that it is somehow related to Black Ops and the bunkers and huts that were accessible through the cassettes did not show any more.

But first the result from yesterday's VHS tape. The code opened a building near the TV station.

Apart from the loot boxes, the same thing can always be found there. The most impressive thing is the actually competing players who work together to get into the buildings.

On Twitter, players are now more often bored with the eternal clues. They would like to get something with more substance, some are ready for a disappointment. Tonight, at least the current part of the teasers should be over.

In one Reddit thread You can already read things about yesterday's Easter Egg like: "I wish they would just announce / show the game, those little Easter Eggs that don't say anything are getting boring", or, "More work was put into these Easter eggs than into the anti-cheat software."

Maybe they'll be surprised with a trailer tonight – maybe.

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Original article from August 18, 2020:

CoD 2020: The next clue also leads to a Warzone bunker again

The search for clues about the new Call of Duty continues and again players are sent from a teaser website in search of a bunker in Warzone.

Last night there was the fourth of five clues through a VHS tape on the Teaser website to the new Call of Duty. There were again coordinates for a location in Verdansk to be found, as well as a code to open the door.

As with the last clue, go to a Warzone bunker, but there is not much new to be found there. A desk with documents and books, a remote-controlled car kit and an elevator that doesn't open.

Tonight the last clue of this series of VHS tapes will follow, what will be waiting for the players in the end is uncertain. So far, the locations behind the clues haven't revealed much about any new game. If it stays that way for longer, the first will probably lose the desire to eternal hint, if for some it is not already that far.

Original article from August 17, 2020:

CoD 2020: Wild scavenger hunt leads everywhere – just not to specific information

From slide projectors in locked boxes, to map changes in Black Ops 4 and Warzone, to mysterious websites – Call of Duty 2020 teases and gives puzzles, but almost nothing is revealed.

Treyarch and Activision are sending players on an extensive scavenger hunt for the next Call of Duty. It all started with the slide projectors that some well-known streamers and info pages have received.

On the slides found Notes on a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and indeed the Map Summit were slightly changed at the same time. The map now had screens showing things related to the slides.

Next one appeared special teaser website on. There is a video recorder, a screen and other utensils. A Twitter user learned from Activision that this will only be the beginning of the Call of Duty 2020 reveal.

The new website was launched on August 10th. Two days later it was updated with a note, on which there was a quote from Sunzi's "The Art of War" and the reference to codes, signals and ciphers.

On August 14th there was the first VHS cassette that could be put into the recorder on the website. This betrayed them Coordinates for a location in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The code on the recorder opened a house in the Verdansk Farmland region. There were further documents and information.

With another cassette could be a bunker in Verdansk to open. There was a desk and an elevator that could not (yet) be used.

There was also a third cassette that led back to Verdansk. The place where the code had to be entered this time was a small hut near the prison.

Parts of a remote-controlled car and other notes and documents were found in the hut.

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The coolest facts and secrets from Call of Duty

Everything that was found is somehow related to Black Ops, but that it continues in some form with the series is now well known. In the last season of Warzone, there were teasers and Easter eggs with reference to Black Ops.

For the game, which is supposed to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there was basically nothing to see. Perhaps Activision would do well not to overdo it with the teasers and hints, at some point it might be too much for the community.

Original article from August 11, 2020:

Call of Duty 2020: the contents of the box pose more puzzles – community is in demand

Last night the mysterious boxes that Activision apparently sent to a few influencers a few days ago could be opened. The content may be an indication of the time and location of the next Call of Duty game.

Activision was admittedly very creative with this teaser. Over the past week, large black boxes with a combination lock appeared on the doors of some Call of Duty players. Now that the contents of the box have been revealed, it could tie a few dots for the future of Call of Duty story. The boxes contain a 1950s slide projector plus 10 slide photos and instructionsthat contain an extremely important reference to the teaser – a kind of scavenger hunt.

The description states that the contents of the boxes are top secret documents and that they were used to investigate a blackened place in the Ural Mountains. Each slide photo contains a cryptic image or map with a highlighted region.

The owners of the boxes noticed that each box only contains 10 slides, but 15 are listed. Now it is said find or compile the remaining slidesso as to reveal the hidden clue. We will keep you up to date.

Original post from August 7, 2020 at 11:55 a.m .:

Call of Duty 2020: Activision sends mysterious boxes that open on Monday

The announcement of this year's Call of Dutys is suspected behind these boxes. The streamers and content creators are only allowed to open them on Monday.

We won't find out what's in the black wooden boxes until Monday, because only then can the content creators open them. A cover letter explains to them that they will not receive the code for the combination lock until August 10, 2020 when you write a message to a specific number.

Since there is currently nothing for Modern Warfare and Warzone after the start of the 5th season about which such a big secret can be made, it stands to reason that it is the announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Two boxes are currently known. One went to the CoD news page CharlieIntel, the other to the Streamer Hayashii.

Both of them can handle the box first on August 10, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. German time open, only then will we find out if it is related to Black Ops Cold War. It is slowly becoming time for an announcement, about two weeks ago a bag of chips revealed the release period.

Perhaps Activision has reported enough of the CharlieIntel leaks and they'll find a horse's head in the box – a classic. What Hayashii got into debt is not known.

in the Reddit Some joke that it will probably be the next Warzone patch that will now be delivered on hard drives or Activision is now introducing loot boxes and not doing anything by halves.

Whatever is in the boxes, we won't find out until next Monday.

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