More space in the inventory for Mon and Items

from Sara Petzold
Niantic makes the Pokémon GO fans a premature Christmas present and significantly increases their inventory of Pokémon and Items. Thus, the developers of the community fulfill a long-cherished wish.

It is a problem that we encounter again and again in various games: the full inventory. Whether in Fallout, World of Warcraft or Pokémon GO – full bags pose a real nuisance to many gamers. The community of Pokémon GO therefore longs for an upgrade for the trainer's inventory – so far, however, this desire aroused among the developers deaf ears.

But now Niantic has surprisingly been on Twitter (via Pokemongohub) announced an expansion for the Pokémon camp and the item inventory, the fans reacted accordingly enthusiastically:

Players can now expand their inventory by another 500 slots and carry a total of 3000 Pokémon and 2500 items. The prices for the inventory upgrades remain the same: 50 Pokémon seats and 50 Item slots cost 200 poké coins each. If you want to use the complete 500 additional slots, you must invest 2,000 pokies each.

This corresponds to a value of around € 17.60 (based on a price of € 21.99 for 2,500 poké coins). Whether this investment is worth, everyone has to decide for themselves. But we find: Pokémon GO slots can never be had enough in Pokémon GO, especially now that the heyday of the Team Rocket fight begins, December's December Community Day attracts with a variety of cool Pokémon, and the release of the fifth Pokémon GO! Generation holds plenty of new Pokémon.

But we also want to know your opinion: Are you happy about the fact that Niantic has extended the inventory for Items and Pokémon by 500 slots each? What do you think about the prices for the additional seats? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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