Morrowind mod with new update "Aanthirin"

of Dominik Zwingmann
The makers of the Morrowind mod Tamriel Rebuilt have released a new update for the role-playing game. So players can look forward to a new region called Aanthirin. In addition, the mod was expanded by a total of 60 new quests. The release trailer gives fans a detailed look at the new content of the update.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind can look forward to a new update for the Mod Tamriel Rebuilt that was released this week. The region of Aanthirin was added to the role-playing game of Bethesda. The makers of the mod have been expanding the mainland of Morrowind with new and extensive areas for more than 16 years. The history of the game serves as the basis.

In line with the release of version 19.12, the developers have also released a new trailer on YouTube, which presents the content of the new update in more detail. We have included the video for Tamriel Rebuilt below for you.

In addition to the Aanthirin region, the mod has also been expanded with 60 new quests that will tell another story from Morrowind. You can find more information about downloading and installing Tamriel Rebuilt at website the developer. A preview version of the next update was also made available. Here players can already take a look at the next region of the mod.

Fans of the Bethesda series are currently waiting patiently for details about The Elder Scrolls 6, the development of which was officially confirmed for the first time at E3 2018. However, the release will take some time, as the team confirmed last year. There was no new information at this year's E3 either. In addition to The Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda is also currently working on the sci-fi title Starfield.

Source: Tamriel Rebuilt

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