Soulslikes are a dime a dozen, for example the one that just appeared Genre-Vertreter Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, who also gets Metroidvania bonds. Of course, this makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd. The one published in August 2020 Mortal Shell nevertheless somehow succeeded.

With fresh ideas and high-quality graphics, the title is remembered thanks to constant updates. So far, they have all been rather low and unexciting, but always free of charge. With The Virtuous Cycle, the first paid DLC has now reached us, and it really peps up on it.

New shell, new weapon, new fun

Because the Cold Symmetry development team has come up with a lot. Tutorial boss Hadern is now joining you in the form of a new shell and that of course also means a new skill tree with numerous new talents. The once-feared enemy not only teaches you how to use daggers, but also teaches you a practical skill to absorb damage.

A new weapon is also at the start. The Axatana, a trick weapon in which you can switch between two modes, is very reminiscent of the creative weapons Bloodborne. You can now transform this sword hilt from a long ax into two short swords and thus make the lands of Fallgrim unsafe.

The highlight: Mortal Shell becomes a roguelike

The star of the DLC is clearly the new roguelike mode. There you can explore a constantly changing world, in which the opponents are switched each time you die. In addition, the mode attracts with a huge selection of talents. You can unlock over 100 pieces at the pillars around the world. From stylish combat moves to crazy new weapon improvements.

The Virtuous Cycle will cost 6.99 euros and will be available for all platforms on August 18th. Then the title celebrates too Steam his debut. In German, the DLC bears the melodious name “vicious circle of virtue”. If you haven’t tried Mortal Shell yet, but the announcement made you interested, click here again our tips for beginners so that you don’t throw in the towel in frustration.

Those: Mortal Shell

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