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The recently released film Sonic the Hedgehog has already broken a first record. In the United States, he grossed about $ 57 million in the first three days. It is the most successful launch of a video game adaptation so far, replacing master detective Pikachu.

Last week Sonic the Hedgehog's new video game adaptation was launched in cinemas worldwide. It is already clear that the launch was very successful. Because, according to current reports, the Sonic adventure was able to break a first record.

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According to the latest information, Sonic played the Hedgehog (buy now for € 34.78) $ 57 million in the United States within the first three days of the theatrical release. This is not only a considerable number in itself, but also means a new record. It is the most successful launch of a video game adaptation so far. The previous leader in this category was the live-action film master detective Pikachu, which made it $ 54.3 million in three days last year. However, the future still has to show whether the Sonic adventure will be able to assert itself in the long term and in terms of total revenue.

Sonic the Hedgehog has raised over $ 111 million worldwide. The film has already grossed its $ 85 million production cost, so Paramount Pictures can be quite happy. In view of the quarrels in the run-up to the cinema premiere, this is certainly good for those responsible. Among other things, there was a huge swirl around the original design of the CGI-Sonics, which was completely revised a little later. In addition, the theatrical release was postponed and put the fans' patience to the test again.

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