Mount and Blade 2: Start outperforms Doom Eternal and Wolcen on Steam

from Andreas Bertits
The early access version of the strategy RPG Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has started and is so well received that even the records of Wolcen and Doom Eternal have been surpassed this year.

With the Strategy RPG Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord The developer studio TaleWorlds Entertainment seems to have made the big hit. Because the number of players clearly exceeds that of Hack 'n Slays Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and the shooter Doom Eternal.

Great success of Mount & Blade 2

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord even entered the charts directly and placed itself on Rank 7 the title on Steam with the most concurrent players. Loud SteamDB the previous peak in the number of players was 157,591. It is quite impressive. The mix of strategy and role-playing is not yet finished, because it is still an early access version.

Even the ratings on Steam are "very positive" with 86%. Graphics, combat, management and the gameplay in general are praised, but the title still has to deal with bugs and technical problems – but what you have to expect from an early access game.

In Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord you explore a large fantasy world, meet NPCs, raise armies and lead conquests including tactical sieges. The game combines role-playing with strategy elements, which obviously is well received by the players.

Source: Resetera

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