Mounts for Nathria Raid and Mythic Plus achievements

from Karsten Scholz
In the first season of WoW: Shadowlands there will be two successes that some fans of tough raid and dungeon challenges will be particularly keen on: Glory to the Nathria raiders and Shadowlands keystone master: Season 1. Now it is clear which mounts you can earn yourself this way.

For PvE enthusiasts who particularly like to plunge into crisp dungeon and raid challenges, there will of course be some particularly desirable successes in WoW: Shadowlands. On the one hand Glory to the Nathria Raider (includes all achievements associated with the meta achievement in Raid Nathria from) to the other Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season 1 (Complete all Mythic Plus level 15 or higher dungeons in Season 1 within the time limit).

Now we know which two mounts you can earn over the successes mentioned in Shadowlands (via Wowhead 1 / Wowhead 2). The Mythic Plus success is rewarded with the so-called mount "Sintouched Deathwalker", which you can see below.

The raid success again attracts you with the "Nathria Rampart Screecher", here is a picture of the Dataminer:

WoW: Shadowlands - Mount & nbsp; Nathria Rampart Screecher is there for the meta-success of the Nathria raid.

WoW: Shadowlands – Mount Nathria Rampart Screecher is for the meta-success of the raid Nathria.

Source: Wowhead

How do you like the design of the mounts? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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