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"And what are we going to do tonight?", This question is becoming more and more common in my shared apartment. This is only surprising to a certain extent, after all the current employment opportunities are somewhat limited. And the suggestion to get the dusty board game collection off the shelf is as popular as the prospect of the now felt 42. Netflix-Marathon. A little variety would be nice again, something that brings life to the booth. Moving out is just the thing. The Australian SMG Studios' cooperative skill game was released on April 28th for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and let you move your own moving company to success with up to four players.

Overcooked for furniture packers

With your moving van, you can cause a lot of unrest in Packmore, cause car accidents or bypass street lights.

With your moving van, you can cause unrest, cause accidents or bypass lanterns in Packmore.

Source: PC games

The basic principle is pretty simple: just imagine Overcooked only that you don't just chop vegetables, cook rice and wash dishes, but drag furniture and boxes from A to B. This is quite intuitive and quickly turns into flesh and blood: You grab objects with the shoulder buttons and then drag or throw them into your moving van. At least in theory. Some items can only be carried in pairs, while others are so fragile that they break immediately if you drop them. Precision and coordination are therefore required. This works best with the gamepad. The controller control lacks the precision here and there, so that you accidentally reach into the void. Playing with the keyboard is on a completely different level, so we advise against it.

After all, you don't want to struggle with the operation, but with the challenges that await you in the different levels. You choose them like in Overcooked over a busy upper world. So you drive hornily through the streets of the city of Packmore and pay a personal visit to your clients. However, not all levels are available right at the beginning. Moving out (buy now for € 29.99) is divided into four files, in the course of which you unlock new orders. You will be confronted with ever new environments as well as ever more complicated tasks. At the beginning, this can simply mean that you have to clear out an apartment on the second floor, but later there are also logical or physics-based puzzles. Then you can let objects slide down an icy slope or experiment with switches and levers to open doors.

Thanks to in-game physics, you can also use gravity to your advantage in Moving Out.

Thanks to in-game physics, you can also use gravity to your advantage in Moving Out.

Source: PC games

Over 50 levels, but no online mode

Moving Out comprises a total of 30 regular levels, which is perfectly fine for the price of just under 23 euros. The first overcooked didn't have much more content for comparison. In addition, after completing the main tasks, which by the way even tell you a kind of story including the final boss fight, there is still a lot to do: SMG Studio has ensured plenty of replay value. In addition to the opportunity to set personal bests and receive medals, the developers also offer you three optional additional goals per level, through which you can collect tips. If you break all the windows in a house, you will receive gold coins that can be issued in the local game room or video store.

The levels in the arcade have a great retro arcade look and offer playful variety with their platforming gameplay.

The arcade has a great retro arcade look and offers playful variety with its platforming gameplay.

Source: PC games

This is how you come to additional special stages, in which the subject of furniture backing is given a special twist: you have to overcome a obstacle course with a box, for example, or transport suitcases from a flying plane into a truck driving below you. This ensures variety and extends the entire line-up to over 50 stages. A considerable amount! The only pity is that you cannot compare high scores or best times with the world. Unfortunately there are no online functions in Moving Out – also no multiplayer. Via Steam Remote Together you can invite friends to your session, but this is more of a provisional solution.

Show your Tetris skills!

So if you want to play with four people in co-op, you have to invite them to your couch at home. So Moving Out also unfolds its full potential. With the maximum number of players, there is a wonderfully coordinated chaos: One throws wild furniture out of the window, another tries to push an L-shaped corner sofa through a narrow door frame, while the rest beat each other up with the new slap function. Just great!

With teamwork, the moves are of course much better, but even with optimal arrangement you run into problems: Since the camera zooms out further and further away from each other, the overview is sometimes lost – especially on smaller screens. So play on best via steam Link on the TV. However, the biggest challenge is always getting all the items in your car. Since the number of objects to be moved is linked to the number of players, the four of you have to squeeze more than 50 objects into a truck. That degenerates into a nerve-wracking test of patience.

In furniture packer duo mode, you play two characters at the same time. So you have to throw objects and catch them yourself - pretty tricky.

In furniture packer duo mode, you play two characters at the same time. So you have to throw objects and catch them yourself – pretty tricky.

Source: PC games

Fortunately, Moving Out offers a lot of customization options: You can equip the characters you are constantly unlocking with hats, emotes and other gadgets. The game itself can also be modified to your heart's content. In assisted mode, you can activate various auxiliary mechanics that make crates easier to carry or disappear as soon as they have been loaded into the truck. So you can even play the title alone. Finally, for the particularly daring, there is the furniture packer duo mode. Here you control two figures simultaneously with one controller. This puts your brain to the test so much that even the developers themselves warn several times that this game variant is really not without!

Are you raphael In the garden of the Pepperoni Palace you will meet a turtle that whizzes between pizza boxes.

Are you raphael In the garden of the Peperoni Palace you will meet a turtle that whizzes between pizza boxes.

Source: PC games

If you don't want to set the best times or go for a medal, but just have a good time, Moving Out is just the thing for you. The levels are full of charm and humor – be it the loving graphics, the groovy 80s soundtrack or the detailed levels that you are allowed to transform into small wood thanks to the destruction of the environment. In some cases, allusions can also be discovered: in the Peperoni Palace level, you will meet a turtle with a red blindfold under a pile of pizza boxes. Greetings from the Turtles! Elsewhere, humor doesn't work quite as well. Some jokes like your job title "Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technician", F.A.R.T. (in German: Furz), are unfortunately lost due to the translation into German. You can do that in the co-op title, which is available directly from the release in the Xbox Game Pass is included, but forgive without any problems given the otherwise all-round package.

My opinion

"If real moves were just so fun"

As a self-confessed owner of an overcooked 2 platinum trophy, I am happy to finally get supplies in the couch-co-op segment. Especially when it turns out to be as successful as Moving Out. The developers at SMG Studio have perfectly adopted the formula of the mental role model, missed the skill game with a new relocation setting and some useful improvements (keyword: Face Slapping!) But also given their own paint job. The result plays smoothly and is a lot of fun, especially in co-op. Moving Out offers enough challenges for quarantine days with friends, family, partners or roommates. The only pity is the lack of clarity on small screens and the lack of an online component. Especially in the current time, when many people have to keep social distance, a possibility to play together via the Internet would have been really advantageous.

Successful co-op gameplay
Over 50 different levels
Story including final boss fight
Lots of replayability
Physics and environmental degradation
Loving graphics
Cool 80s soundtrack
Face Slapping Function!
Extensive customization options
Great humor
No online features
Camera sometimes too far away from the action
Control isolated a little imprecise
German translation somewhat incorrect
No dash

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