Multiplayer, co-op, crossplay and online matchmaking explained

You can also manage Minecraft dungeons on your own without any problems, but of course the dungeon crawler is the most fun together with friends. We explain the most important basics about multiplayer mode.

First things first: Minecraft Dungeons does not offer online matchmaking. That means you can't go on adventures with random players, but only with people on your friends list. Alternatively, you can start a local game if you have two controllers.

So you start a local co-op game

In order to start a co-op game with a friend, two controllers must first be connected to your console or PC. The combination of mouse & keyboard and controller is unfortunately not possible on the PC.

As soon as both controllers are connected and both players are ready to play, your friend only needs to press the left analog stick to join the game.

How to start an online game

Online games are only possible with players who are on your friends list. Matchmaking with random players is not possible. First set up the game mode in the lower left corner of the main menu Online game. As soon as you start the mode, you will see your friend list and can join a game in progress.

If none of your friends are currently online, you can use the button Start online game instead open the game yourself and go to Host will. Your friends can then join your session using the same principle.

This is how looting works in multiplayer

You don't have to worry about your friends accidentally snatching the best armor or weapon from your nose. Whether locally or online, in Minecraft Dungeons the loot is generated individually for each player.

However, this does not apply to consumables such as potions, arrows or food. These items are only generated once and the players have to coordinate well – or hurry – to be able to pick them up. A rule of thumb: Ranged fighters always get the privilege of arrows, melee fighters are allowed to drink potions and those who currently have the least life energy get the food.

Does Minecraft support dungeons crossplay?

No crossplay is currently possible, however developer Mojang has already confirmed that crossplay between PC and Xbox One should be submitted in the near future. However, it is not known whether this service will eventually be extended to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4.