“The worst game ever”, “a cheek” and “you should really be ashamed of that” are some of the nicer statements that found their way onto the Internet when Fallout 76 was released. Shaken by the fierce criticism, I stayed away from online fallout and avoided gaining my own experience as much as possible. But I always had a quiet voice in the back of my mind that reminded me that I had never played the title and that I liked the gameplay, at least from the visual point of view.

Finally, last year I was asked if I would sacrifice myself and write something about the Wastelanders update. At last! Now I could try the game without having to justify myself in front of other people for throwing money down Bethesda’s throat. To my satisfaction, I was able to find that my friends and acquaintances were all wrong. And maybe it’s the subterranean expectations that I’m going for Fallout 76 (buy now ) approached, but I had a lot of fun with the game from the start and even got my partner to buy a copy of the evil game. By the way, I’m not talking about the vanilla game here, which was definitely a lot more bleak without non-player characters, but that’s exactly what makes a good games-as-a-service game for me: that it evolves and adapts to needs the player enters.

DLCs ​​and living world

While the title has already made a giant leap with Wastelanders, further improvements are inevitable. In the meantime, the Brotherhood of Steel has also made it into the game and brought even more residents to the wasteland, which feels increasingly livelier. The payment model behind Fallout 76 is also very fair, because once you’ve bought the main game, all DLCs are completely free. A subscription gives you advantages that are only worthwhile for regular players and all microtransactions are either cosmetic or superfluous (there are plenty of buyable resources around the world).

Fallout 76 is the game everyone wanted from Bethesda: a mix of Fallout 3 and 4, the world of which can be explored in co-op. In addition to the main story of the Vanilla Game, every other big DLC ​​comes with its own main quest, and there has never been a lack of subplots anyway. In addition, there are always a few random events in the world where we have to escort a robot or protect a building. For me, these time-limited tasks are always a little highlight, because here Fallout 76 has a particularly immersive and lively effect on me. Besides me, other players often react to the signal and ultimately you stand together against the threat without everyone claiming the title of chosen one for themselves.

Credible and helpful

Finally no longer alone: ​​Fallout 76 is not only fun, but is also what the players have always wanted: a co-op title that feels like Bethesda.

Finally no longer alone: ​​Fallout 76 is not only fun, but is also what the players have always wanted: A co-op title that feels like Bethesda.

What: Bethesda

In contrast to video games like Outriders, I’m not one of the umpteen redeemers who alone determine the fate of the world … just a simple person from Vault 76. It makes sense to me that I meet other players roaming the country and do the same as me. Quests, farm resources and just kill time in between. In addition, the player base is particularly friendly: Every now and then very highly leveled players drop me materials, including legendary weapons, even though I’ve never seen them.

That doesn’t happen very often, of course, but you don’t really meet other players very often either – their number is limited to 32 people per server. They are spread over an area four times the size of the world of Fallout 4, which I find a pretty ideal distribution in the game. In the end, the online title is interesting even for solo players because the whole world works incredibly well for them too. If you still manage to convince your friends that the Internet criticism is excessive, you will have many hours of fun in the house. Try it out!

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