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At the Pokémon Go Fest 2021, the developers could not have chosen a better mysterious Pokémon for the topic of “music”. It looks like players will have the opportunity to catch Meloetta through special research. We take a look at this particular mon and why it goes so well with the theme.

The Pokémon Go Fest 2021 is all about music. Numerous musical Pokémon appear more often in the wild, you can put together your own band and you can even determine which music is played in the game on your smartphone. Which mysterious Pokémon we will be able to earn through special tasks during the event has not yet been determined. However, the developers recently published a teaser on Twitter. Which Pokémon is the following silhouette?

No, it’s not Pikachu. Experienced players have of course immediately recognized that this is Meloetta acts – a mysterious 5th generation Pokémon. No other Pokémon could be better suited for a musical event. Because the body of Meloetta is a note, in her hair she wears a hair ornament that resembles a microphone and the stripes in the hairstyle resemble note strips or the strings of a stringed instrument, in which notes can also be recognized.

Pokémon GO: Mysterious Pokémon Meloetta confirmed for GO Fest (2)

Pokémon GO: Mysterious Pokémon Meloetta confirmed for GO Fest (2)

Those: pokewiki.de

Mind you, this is Meloetta’s vocal form, in which it has the types normal and psycho. Meloetta can change the form by using the attack Urgesang but also into the dance form and is then of the normal and combat type. Which attacks the musical Pokémon will have and how it will be regulated with the two forms in Pokémon Go, we will probably find out when we get closer to the Pokémon Go Fest on June 17th and the developers tell us more about the mysterious Mon.

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