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When WoW: Shadowlands comes out, mount collectors can draw again from the full. Swift Mirkhoof is one of those mounts that will require a bit of puzzling work. We'll tell you how to add this special night stallion to your collection.

When it comes to mount design with Shadowlands, the WoW developers really go to great lengths tons of cool new mounts into play, so that one or the other eye-catcher is sure to be. Of the Swift Darkhoof, a mount that is a bit reminiscent of the Wild Dream Runner, is definitely one of them. You can only get this mount if you join the Pact of the Night Fae – and then you have to do a bit of puzzling and running to get the purple unicorn. How exactly you can unlock the mount, we will now explain to you based on an article from the Vanion editorial team.

WoW Shadowlands: Solve the Night Moravia puzzle for the Swift Darkhoof (1)

WoW Shadowlands: Solve the Night Moravia puzzle for the Swift Darkhoof (1)

Source: Wowhead

The night mare and the dream catcher

Anyone who explores the Ardenwald in the Shadowlands will eventually meet a rare opponent, the Night mare. The night Fae believe that the birth of this unicorn precedes the appearance of a benevolent god. In order to see this god, however, you need a dream catcher. This, in turn, only comes into your possession if you have previously solved a jump puzzle. It works like this:

If you meet these requirements, you can start with the actual jump puzzle:

  • Run to Tirna Scithe in the Ardenwald to coordinates 18/62.
  • Using the goblin ladder, jump onto the tree root that is in front of you.
  • Run along the root and use the second goblin ladder to jump to the opposite platform at coordinates 19/63.
  • Next to the cart that is standing there, lift the one on the ground Broken soul web on.
  • Travel back to the Shimmer Cascade Basin and speak to the there Elder Gwenna (at 50/33). It only appears if you have previously completed the two optional quest series. Give her the ten units of Lightless Silk so that she can put the Broken Soul Net into one Repaired soul web converts.
  • Now go to the heart of the forest and have a say Ysera (at 44/38), so that they can get one for you from the repaired soul network Dream catcher manufactures.

Now you can search for the night mare with the dream catcher in your pocket:

  • Run to coordinates 62/52 near the hibernation pool in the northern Ardenwald.
  • Use the dream catcher to get the buff The shadow's dream which lasts five minutes.
  • The night mare appears near you so that you can attack it.

The fight against the night mare requires a lot of skill, because this rare opponent can not only take it in, but also deal it out properly. If you want to fight in a group, all group members must each have a dream catcher so that they can see the night mare. You also have to make sure that you knock down the night mare before the "The Shadow's Dream" buff expires. But if you have defeated the night mare, you will receive it Swift Darkhoof as a reward.

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