In fact, being naked is an essential part of this story. This paladin wouldn't ride through World of Warcraft with clothes on and kill everyone with just one action.

WoW - World of Warcraft

First of all: No, YouTuber Rextroy doesn't cheat here in World of Warcraft, it just combines game techniques in a way that the developers apparently didn't think of.

The naked paladin is able to simply fly up to enemy players and then kill even well-equipped players in an explosion, he himself remains completely unharmed. Since Rextroy is on the EU servers, be warned. If a naked paladin comes running towards you, then run away. Advice that should also be taken to heart outside of WoW.

In the video you can almost feel the astonishment of the Hordler when Paladin with nudistic preferences suddenly walks up next to them.

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In addition to giving up clothes, the paladin needs a skill for this nice little trick. The Shield of vengeance absorbs incoming damage for 15 seconds and then throws it back in an explosion. The stamina and versatility values ​​increase the damage that can be absorbed.

Rextroy builds as much endurance and versatility as possible. For this he also needs a very high corruption value. This allows a Eye of corruption appear, which then causes the damage, which then virtually charges the shield.

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The history of the creation of World of Warcraft

The reason why Rextroy takes off is called PvP scaling. The game adjusts the values ​​of poorly equipped players in PvP so that they also have a chance. The worst equipment is no equipment at all and so the damage of the shield increases by 238 percent.

The procedure is then as follows:

  • Trigger the eye with full equipment on a mob or training manikin.
  • Put down your equipment and charge your shield.
  • Find opponents and explode.

The YouTuber is known for his experiments with the game mechanics. Since they often cause other players to die suddenly, it is just as feared. But watching him is a lot of fun.