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Naoki Yoshida comments on the current rumors about his participation in the role play Final Fantasy 16. Accordingly, he is very annoyed by the fake news and makes it clear that he will continue to work on the MMO Final Fantasy 14 for the foreseeable future. He also has an appeal to the fans.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Naoki Yoshida is said to be the game director who played a leading role in the development of the role-playing game Final Fantasy 16. In the meantime, the Japanese has officially spoken in order to finally clarify this matter. During a live stream, he was visibly annoyed by the rumors.

"It looks like some big fake news has come out. I can say it very clearly – it is annoying. I will continue to be in charge of Final Fantasy 14 over the next few years as long as I don't die from an illness or accident. So please ignore any unofficial announcements. It's so annoying. "

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The Japanese's statement is very clear: Naoki Yoshida is not involved as a game director in the work on Final Fantasy 16, but will continue to take care of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy 14 in the foreseeable future. For the MMO, Square Enix still seems great To have plans. By the way, there are almost no concrete details about the sixteenth episode of Final Fantasy. According to initial rumors, it could be a spin-off with a pure fantasy scenario – i.e. without machines, steampunk or similar elements. Square Enix has so far largely remained silent on the project. There has also been no image or video material to be seen so far and should be a long time coming. The stream mentioned at the beginning can be found below this message.

Source: Livestream on YouTube

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