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Once again, “Final Fantasy 14” producer Naoki Yoshida wrote to the players in a letter. It is about the job symbol of the sage, the first draft of which has been thoroughly revised.

In addition to the reaper, the sage is one of the two new classes that will enrich the world of Final Fantasy 14 with the upcoming Endwalker expansion. As a shield healer who uses special weapons (the Noulithen) fights, he should expand the selection of previous healers. After opening the official topic page for Endwalker the job icons of the new classes were also introduced, the icon of the sage should now be changed again.

In one of his open letters to the community has now explained to producer and director Naoki Yoshida why this is so. The icons weren’t so much in the foreground when designing the new jobs. After the first release, however, there was a lot of feedback that the icon was perceived by many players as “uncomfortable” or even “terrifying”. The reason for this is a rare fear called “trypophobia”. This describes the fear of recurring patterns consisting of holes or bubbles.

The old icon (left) compared to the new version (right).

The old icon (left) compared to the new version (right).

Source: Buffed

“To be honest, we didn’t focus that much on the two job icons when we presented the new jobs” Reaper “and” Weiser “on the special page. But since they were released, we have received feedback from players from all over the world and many were of the opinion that the icon of the sage was “unpleasant” or even “terrifying”.

The keyword is “trypophobia” or “fear of repetitive patterns of holes or bubbles”. A kind of phobia that has made a name for itself in the past few years and makes those affected feel uncomfortable and even fearful when they see certain patterns. Of course, the expression of these fears is very individual and varies from design to design. “

Yoshida emphasizes that you take the feedback to heart, even if it is individual. Therefore, the design of the icon was changed again and the holes in the ones shown Noulithen removed. He once again asked for understanding that Endwalker was currently still in the development phase and that some details can therefore still be changed in the content that has already been presented.

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