The hype about Battle Royale titles just won’t go away. Appeared only yesterday Naraka: Bladepoint, a 60-player Battle Royal title, which focuses on martial arts. Of course, this sounds pretty cool at first, which is why numerous players took a closer look at the title. At the very low price of 19.99 euros, this didn’t hurt the wallet too much.

Within a day, the game was over on Steam Book 70,000 simultaneous players and received almost 7,000 user reviews. At the moment these are “mostly positive”. Most of the negative reviews focus primarily on the various microtransactions, which, according to users, have no place in a title with a purchase price.

For example, for 25.99 euros, players can purchase the “Ultimate DLC”, which contains a few cosmetic content as well as the digital soundtrack and an art book. The game also has a battle pass, loot boxes, and numerous cosmetic content that can only be obtained via the loot boxes mentioned. Overall, the Lootbox system is a bit reminiscent of that of the relatively popular hero shooter Overwatch.

If you buy the deluxe edition of the game, you get ten loot boxes according to the shop page. However, this can only be used after playing the title for two hours. Some players therefore complain that this is exactly the limit of playing time after which a game can no longer be returned on Steam.

One of the game’s biggest problems, according to user reviews, is the title’s servers. For example, there are no dedicated servers for some regions. As a result, players from South America and Oceania often get a ping of over 150, which of course limits the gaming experience a lot.

The developers have in one Post already confirmedthat they are aware of the problem and are working diligently to fix it.

The game shouldn’t run particularly well on different computers either. Many gamers note that their graphics card is almost overheating, and still others cannot play the game with a satisfactory performance despite a computer that meets the system requirements. Again, the developers already have some solutions offered until they can fix the problem with a patch.

In addition, new players load into matches that are populated exclusively by NPCs. This allows the players to reach first place relatively easily, but of course they did not acquire the game to assert themselves against NPCs. After the first two to three matches, however, according to other players, no more bots should be found in the matches and these are only used to help new players get to know the basics of the title better.

Despite the numerous problems, many players still enjoy the title. So the positive reviews on Steam currently outweigh the negatives. In addition to some players who jokingly praise the “chest physics”, most of them especially like the combat system and the freedom of movement. The game offers its users a couple of ways to move around the landscape, including some cool looking parkour maneuvers and a grappling hook.

Overall, the actual game should play very smoothly if there is no stuttering or the like. The combat system is fast, has nice animations and is supposed to be fun in itself. Most players also like the pretty look of the title.

Much of the cosmetic content is hidden behind loot boxes, but at the same time there should be a huge amount of cosmetic content, which is why you can theoretically design your character exactly as you like it.

So if you’re in the mood for a battle royale with a special focus on locomotion and martial arts, and you have no problem with monetization à la Overwatch, then Naraka: Bladepoint could be just the game for you. Especially when the developers keep their promise and address the game’s current server and performance issues.

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