Nathanos is already a world boss (bug)

from Sebastian Glanzer
Intent or mistake? With the last maintenance work, Nathanos Pestrufer made it to WoW's live servers as world boss. But he was supposed to return to his old home in the Eastern Plaguelands with the pre-event. However, defeating him does not bring any advantages.

With the last ID reset from WoW, Nathanos Pestrufer sneaked in as a world boss. Some players report that, during our visit to the Eastern Plaguelands, Mr. Pestrufer was not to be found. There Sylvana's loyal servant has withdrawn after the ex-leader of the Horde rose into the sky in a cloud of dark smoke and is now probably hanging out with the jailer in the Shadowlands.

Nathanos was supposed to find his way into the game with the scourge event "The Flood of Death". The Scourge heralds the pre-event of WoW Shadowlands and is divided into several phases that run over at least two weeks. The fact that Nathanos is already in the game can only be a bug.

You can find Sylvana's lap dog in the same place as in WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) Classic says: At Marris Siedlung 23/68 (Eastern Plaguelands). Unfortunately, he does not drop loot and the associated world quest is not active either. Especially for Alliance players, killing one of the most annoying adversaries in Battle for Azeroth should be a satisfaction in itself. When the pre-event really starts, you will receive an item with item level 72 via the world quest. By the way, Nathanos is hostile to both factions.

The cinematic after his death is also not triggered. Because a character from the Alliance still has a thing to do with Nathanos. If you want to know more about what this video is all about, you can use the following link to spoil yourself: (Spoilers!) This is what happened to Nathanos at the Shadowlands pre-event (Spoilers!)

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