In the second week of January 2021, the time has come in WoW: Shadowlands, you can conclude the pact campaign for the time being and you will be richly rewarded for it. Among other things, you will receive – depending on the class – anima pearls and anima beads in various versions, for which you can get a weapon for your hero in your pact sanctum. But if you have not yet set foot in the Shadowlands raid Castle Nathria, you may be wondering where the dealers for the weapons can be found. You are by no means on the edge of well-trodden paths, but rather off the beaten track. That's why we have a brief overview for you of the locations of Nathria's armories, if you don't already know.

Depending on what kind of weapon anima token you have, you have to go to the appropriate dealer for LFR, Normal, Heroic or Mythic – of course, the token itself gives you a hint. You can find an item level in the tooltip. These anima beads and anima beads are now available at the end of the pact campaign for players without any Nathria experience at item level 187, the raid finder level. In general, the anima pearls and anima beads can be dropped by bosses in Schloss Nathria or as a reward from the Great Treasury or for weeklys.

  • With the rescue of the Sun King and Denathrius can Monstrous anima bead for death knights, warlocks and demon hunters who are allowed to exchange a main hand weapon for it.
  • With Jäger Altimor and Denathrius one can Mystical anima globule for hunters, magicians and druids who are allowed to exchange a main hand weapon for it.
  • With the Starving Destroyer and Denathrius one can Dear Anima globule for paladins, priests and shamans who are allowed to exchange a main hand weapon for it.
  • At the advice of the blood and Denathrius one can Zenitani globules for warriors, villains and monks who are allowed to exchange a main hand weapon for it.
  • With Designer Xy'mox and the Generals of the Stone Legion, a Highest anima pearl for warriors, paladins, priests and monks who are allowed to exchange an off-hand weapon or an off-hand item.
  • With Lady Inerva Dunkelader and the generals of the Stone Legion one can Thaumaturgic anima pearl for shamans, magicians, sorcerers and druids who are allowed to exchange an off-hand weapon or an off-hand item for it.

Danger: Denathrius' anima items have a higher item level than those of the other bosses; his items can always be found on the right in the dealer window. The LFR dealer has items of levels 187 and 194, the normal mode dealer has levels 200 and 207, the Heroic dealer has levels 213 and 220 and the mythical blacksmith has levels 226 and 233.

And where do you find the gunsmiths for Nathria?

  • Followers of the Kyrians
    you can find the armourers Kelli Hu, Alisius, provider Prothos and combat master Endios in the south wing on the map of the Elysian fortresses (coordinates: about 57/82).

  • Followers of the necrolords
    the armourers Melissa Los, Mortis Elfsen, Taiya Tacere and Abominable Gwor can find the Primus' seat after entering the Pact Sanctum when they take the second door on the left (coordinates: about 61/47). You are then south of the transport network.

  • Followers of the Night Fae
    find the armourers Glitzerbrise, Adera, Harkoth and Sulanoom on the lowest level of the heart of the forest behind the animal leader (coordinates: approx. 48/53).

  • Followers of the Venthyr
    the armourers Solivane, Lord Afanas, Steinweber McConnell and Vorpalia can be found on the lower level of the Pact Sanctum Sinfall at the Animal Leader (coordinates: around 24/60)

If you made a mistake when swapping and actually wanted to have another item, then this is no drama. You can have the weapons reimbursed for the full purchase price – that is, anima pearl or anima beads – within two hours.

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