National Health Service: Lootboxing is an entry into gambling – the latest in games

of Andreas Bertits
According to Claire Murdoch, director of England's National Health Service, loot boxes for children are an entry-level game of chance. But according to the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), it is up to parents to put restrictions in place.

The debate around Lootboxen and gambling flares up again and again. Claire Murdoch, director of England's National Health Service, said that loot boxes in video games would "push" children into gambling.

Better regulation is needed

"Frankly, no company should introduce children to addiction by teaching them to play the contents of loot boxes," said Claire Murdoch, director of mental health, in a new report. "No company should sell loot boxes to children at random, so these sales should end."

According to her, there have been several cases where minors have spent tons of money on loot boxes in games without the knowledge of their parents. Therefore, she advocates a ban on such games. In addition, there should be restrictions on the amount of money for games and the chances of how often you can find certain items must be disclosed according to her. The industry should make parents aware of the dangers that can arise from in-game purchases.

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) has already responded to Claire Murdoch's report, but sees the responsibility in this area more with the parents. Nevertheless, one is aware of the dangers that can arise from gambling and also wants to act accordingly in the field of video games. "The gaming industry takes its responsibility towards players very seriously and admits that some people are concerned. For this reason, we launched our Get Smart About PLAY campaign on January 10th to help parents and carers get started playing online To get a better grip at home. " They also want to work more closely with the English government, which is considering revising the gambling law.

Source: VG247

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