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The Naughty Dog team is currently looking for reinforcements for the studio's new project. Many details about the game are not yet known. Some time ago, Neil Druckmann revealed that either The Last of Us Part 3 or a completely new IP would be tackled.

Even if fans have to wait a little longer for the unveiling, concept images of an employee of Naughty Dog have now been discovered. The drawings are set up in a fantasy world and have nothing to do with the previous works of the studio. The artist's description reads: "Inspired by the new game. You know what I'm talking about …" followed by a wink emoji. The title of the picture collection is "The Women of North". It remains to be seen whether these are actually the first concepts of the new Naughty Dog game. You can check out Hyoung Nam's album on the ArtStation website view in detail.

For the past few years, Naughty Dog has been responsible for Uncharted and The Last of Us. Switching to a fantasy setting would also be a new challenge for the team. There are still rumors about a multiplayer offshoot of The Last of Us Part 2. Here, too, it is still unclear when the studio will reveal further details. At the same time, a PS5 upgrade could also be in development that would take advantage of the performance of Sony's next-gen console. We'll keep you informed here.

Source: ArtStation via DualShockers

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