With the trend game Among Us, the developers Innersloth hit the jackpot. This calls for numerous imitators who also want a piece of the pie. One of them is particularly bold.

Among Us

Pretend: Cheap Among-Us imitations lands on Steam

"Better stolen well than badly made yourself." That is what the developer whitesquare also seems to have thought when he designed his game Pretend on Steam published. A quick look at the official gameplay trailer is enough to determine: The game is a bold Among-Us clone.

The developer not only uses the basic principle of the current trend game, but also quickly steals a large part of the optics and animations. Only in the mini-games do you seem to have implemented your own ideas. In addition, the role names of the players have been slightly changed. The “Impostor” is now called “Pretender”, “Crewmates” are dubbed “Employees”.

Among-Us Copy: What Makes Pretend Different?

Although Pretender is currently still in the Early Access phase and the parallels to Among Us can hardly be overlooked, around 600 people have now rated the game on Steam. For some players, the Among-Us clone may actually act as a cheap alternative to the original. Because while Among Us costs 3.99 euros on Steam, the developers at Pretend currently only charge 0.79 euros for their game.

Reading tip

Robert Kohlick11/11/2020

It also allows you to use pretenders up to 15 players at the same time to play. For comparison: Among Us, a maximum of 10 players can join a lobby together. There is also an in-game voice chat in Pretender, which allows players to chat when they are close together. According to some customers, however, the feature does not seem to work reliably.

"Wait a minute, I know that!" Some developers prefer to copy well-known games instead of coming up with something themselves:

In addition, Pretend is plagued by many other problems. The kill animation is played even if the cooldown has not yet expired. Disconnections also seem to be part of everyday life at the moment.

Of particular concern is that some gamers suspect that while using the game a bitcoin miner is running in the background. Because even high-end systems with an Intel Core i9-10900K are used to capacity of up to 40 percent when using the small indie game. Nobody can say at the moment whether the game has simply not been optimized in its current state or whether there are actually other programs running in the background.