from Karsten Scholz
With Lineage W, NCSoft has announced a new online role-playing game in the Lineage universe, which will be released this year for PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, worldwide. We have summarized the information known so far for you.

Even if the two NCSoft MMO classics Lineage (1998) and Lineage 2 (2003) have been around for a long time, both games are still among the games today most played titles in South Korea. It is therefore not surprising that those responsible at NCSoft want to further expand the Lineage universe.

So are with Lineage M and Lineage 2M Mobile new editions of the two online role-playing games have already appeared, with Lineage 2M also being playable on the PC thanks to the in-house emulator “Purple”. It is also clear that NCSoft already has been working on Project TL for several years, which was originally called Lineage Eternal and was to become a direct PC successor to the Lineage MMORPGs. However, based on the feedback after the first tests, the plans were overturned and the project started again.

And now NCSoft has announced another Lineage MMO. Lineage W should – surprise – appear worldwide this year for PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. The developers promise high-end 3D graphics (the game is played from an isometric perspective, as it was back then), a focus on PvP and an AI translation to help bring players from all over the world together. Thanks to crossplay and purple support, mobile phone users actually meet PC gamers and console owners.

There’s already one for Lineage W. smartly staged websitewhich, however, remains surprisingly vague when it comes to the specific description of the game. There is talk of battlefields, mystical forces, the journey into the unknown and alliances and blood pacts. But see for yourself:

If you don’t want to miss the start, you can register for the MMORPG now. As a reward, there are several items that you can use to launch Lineage W directly. The online role-playing game will be available for free on all platforms.

Lineage Eternal: Impressive gameplay trailer from the Reboot Project TL

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