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Blizzard developers have released a preview of WoW: Shadowlands' Necrotic Swath dungeon. This 5-player challenge is located in the bastion, is available during the level phase and should be playable at the start of the Alpha.

The will start shortly WoW Alpha Trial: Shadowlands and for the first time, all invited players should have the opportunity to take a look at the Bastion Zone and the new Dungeon Necrotic Trail. For the last-mentioned 5-player challenge, the developers also had one last night Preview on the official WoW website released – small story spoiler included!

WoW: Shadowlands – Feature Trailer introduces new expansion

Official dungeon preview for the Necrotic Swath

The Maldraxxus forces have invaded the bastion! These monstrosities, thirsting for anima, have plundered the Temple of Courage. The heroes have to fend off these invaders so that this paradisiacal place is not destroyed.

  • Difficulty levels: normal, heroic, mythical
  • Level: 50+ (one of four dungeons for 5-player groups intended for leveling; located in the bastion)

The bosses in the necrotic path

Plague bones

The plump mass of rotting meat known as plague bones was lovingly patched up by surgeon flesh to lead the attack on the Temple of Courage.

Amarth, the reanimator

Amarth is the powerful and sadistic leader of the Zolramus necromancer. He monitors the carcass harvest on his flying mount, the undead bone monstrosity.

Surgeon suturing

Meat suture surgeon is the creator of the horrific monstrosities used by the flying Zolramus Fortress. He fulfills his ministry with zeal bordering on madness and creates undead creations from the flesh of fallen enemies for the wars of Maldraxxus in the shadow lands.

Nalthor the Hoarfrost

Nalthor the Maturebinder, the crafty commander of the House of Rituals, leads the attacks on the unsuspecting Kyrian forces.

WoW: Shadowlands – The epic Cinematic Trailer is here!

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