In a livestream for the 5th anniversary of Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactive published details of the crossover chapter with Resident Evil and a trailer that shows the new killer Nemesis in action. After the last expansion “All-Kill”, which was disappointing for many fans, the Resi-DLC is now a licensed package for the asymmetrical multiplayer title. Nemesis is one of the most famous monsters of the Resident Evil franchise and even gave the third part of the series its title. The new killer can use a tentacle arm, similar to the plague, to infect survivors at close range. Those who are hit cough, throw up and therefore draw attention to themselves more easily. The more enemies Nemesis infects with the T-Virus, the stronger his tentacle abilities become. In order to heal from the infection, players must consume vaccines that are scattered around the map. However, if all vaccinations are used up, the team of 4 is left with no healing options. A real novelty in Dead by Daylight are also the zombies. These NPCs spawn randomly on the map at the beginning of a round and also attack the survivors.

For the first time since the Stranger Things expansion, Dead by Daylight gets (buy now 20,44 € /9,99 € ) also donated two survivors. With Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, Behavior has chosen extremely popular characters from the Resident Evil series. The unique perks of the two newcomers also promise to bring variety to the gameplay. While Jill can, among other things, attach a mine to a generator that stuns the killer when it resets, Leon gains the ability to produce a stun grenade in a locker. In addition, a new map finds its way into the game: The Racoon City Police Department. In addition, the short trailer already revealed when the new chapter will be playable: From June 15, the Resi expansion in Dead by Daylight will be downloadable for around 10 euros on PC and consoles. Until then, PC gamers, killers and survivors can already test extensively on the test server and get a first impression of the Resident Evil crossover.

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Those: Behaviour Interactive

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