Nerf for fire magicians and co? Hazzikostas calms down on Twitter

from Sebastian Glanzer
After the hotfix for the Corruption Indescribable Truth in WoW was announced, many classes feared that their spec would be weakened by the fundamental change in cooldown-reducing effects. Fire magicians were particularly concerned. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, however, made it clear that there were no plans to weaken classes that depend on cooldown reductions.

In WoW, some errors in corruption effects only become apparent when a large number of players get the effects. So far, many heroes have been granted 4x, for example Indescribable truth but the spoilage trader makes it possible. Holy Paladins and Holy Priests in particular benefit from this corruption, which can reduce the cooldown of abilities. The cool-down reducing effect but is now geneft. One of the main reasons for the nerf is likely to be the following PvP video, in which a paladin thanks Indescribable truth practically 4x in a row his anesthetic Justice gavel inserts:

The Blue Post already has an adjustment for Indescribable truth announced in connection with skills such as hammer of justice and other skills with "flat cooldown reduction". The last part of the sentence caused discussions. You change fixed cooldown reductions just because you Indescribable truth can't change in the WoW spaghetti code any other way?

wowhead and class experts raised the alarm because not only Holy Priests and Holy Paladins would be affected by this change, but many other specs such as Unholy Death Knights, Desolation Demon Hunters, Beast Mastery Hunters, and especially the Fire Mage who passed through his combo out Memory of the lucid dream and the Mechagon bracers uses several effects with "flat cooldown reduction". A fundamental change in the cooldown reduction would almost have destroyed the spec. But Game Director Ion Hazzikostas answered us personally on Twitter and gave the all-clear first.

You are currently testing what other gadgets besides gavel of justice in connection with stacking Indescribable truth are still possible before you adjust other things. The developers have no intention of destroying the fire game or other specs by this change.

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