from Sebastian Glanzer
Before the implementation of the Corruption Dealer could provide all players with effects such as a gaping wound, the bleeding effect of the gaping wound was especially weakened. However, owners of items with this special effect should not throw the shotgun at it – gaping wound will still be a good spoilage effect.

The corruption effect Gash should be weakened by WoW in the upcoming ID. That confirmed Community Manager Kaivax in the official forum. The developers plan to reduce the damage from gaping wound by 35 percent. The effect has only one rank and is quite rare, but the cost-benefit factor far outstrips most other corruption effects for some classes, since you get a lot of Dps for little corruption.

Especially in PvP, the effect caused a lot of discomfort. While effects like Infinite Stars and Twilight Devastation aren't nearly as crucial in a PvP scenario as in dungeons and raids, Gaping Wound caused consistently high damage as a strong DoT effect. If you are lucky (or gold), you can stack the effect up to eight times. Since the violent DoT is activated about four times a minute, gaping wound is often the top damage effect without which the player has to do something.

Since you are still in this ID from WoW (buy now for 33.95 €) This weakening had to be carried out at a spoilage dealer. Anyone who has already got some gaping wound items in advance (perhaps even for a lot of gold in the auction house) should continue to hold on to the effect. Because, according to Kaivax, the effect will still be more versatile than Infinite Stars, for example, and will do a lot of damage to both single and multiple targets. Cleaning the items with a gaping wound is therefore not recommended.

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