from Sebastian Glanzer
We may have already gotten an insight into how the WoW developers intend to weaken the set bonuses of the splinters of domination in the future. The nerf was quickly withdrawn. So far, the strong set bonuses have remained active, even if the rumor persisted that they were nerfed.

For the US server ID reset, players reported that the set bonuses of the splinters of rule were massively weakened. That was also the case at first. Blood connection was annoyed by 40 percent, Winterwinde by 17 percent and chaos ban by 50 percent. A short time later, however, these changes were reversed. The rumor that the set bonuses would be less strong now persists. This is not the case, but this adaptation is strange.

The outlook for future adjustments?
The set bonuses for Shards of Dominion are extremely powerful. Anyone who receives the three special clunkers including the appropriate rule item to activate the set bonus, as a DpS player, simply receives 500 to 700 DpS. Thanks to the blood connection, healers also cause a lot of damage on the side without having to do much.

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That makes the content much easier. As we saw in the World First Race, some of the best players were put on the bench because they weren’t lucky enough to receive the splinters. Even for non-hardcore guilds, the splitter set bonuses should play a role in the progress in the sanctum of domination over the next few weeks. The longer guilds are in the sanctum, the more it will become apparent how decisive the splinters of rule are.

Because even if the system has not yet made that much difference, a raid with full set bonuses and the ever increasing upgrades of the individual splitters will ensure that the content could become trivial. You may have accidentally installed the nerf that will await us in the future. The values ​​would fit. Because apart from the frost set bonuses Winterwinde the unholy bonus Chaosbane and the blood bonus apply Blood connection currently too strong.


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