Netflix, Amazon & Co: Our streaming tips for September

"Long awaited": This keyword sums up some of our streaming tips in September 2020 for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co. Because "Mulan" should actually be in the cinemas in March 2020 and the second season of "The Boys" has been desired since the end of season one. Other tips, however, are surprises; for example the dark horror film "The Devil all the Time".

Mulan (September 4th, Disney +)
Disney is taking a big risk with the real-life version of "Mulan" this month one. Originally the film was supposed to appear in the cinema, but like some other projects, the remake of the cartoon classic is now being released exclusively on Disney +. However, the film costs extra. If you want to see it at the start, you have to shell out 22 euros. If the concept works, "Mulan" will certainly not be the last film that Disney will release in this way.

"The Boys"

The second season of "The Boys" will be just as nasty as the first.

Source: Amazon

The Boys, Season 2 (September 4, Amazon Prime)
The series is a nasty and cynical alternative to the usual superhero monster "The Boys" fans quickly asked for a sequel to the surprise hit, which is now being delivered with season 2. Again, everything revolves around the group around William Butcher (Karl Urban), who want to free humanity from the yoke of superheroes.

The Devil all the Time (September 16, Netflix)
Based on the novel of the same name, the Netflix production offers "The Devil All the Time" Psychological horror with a star cast. Tom Holland ("Spider-man") and Robert Pattinson ("The Batman") play the leading roles in the dark story of a mysterious preacher who brings mischief to a small town in Ohio and shows human abysses.

Raised by Wolves (September 16, Sky)
Ridley Scott, androids and a post-apocalyptic future: nothing can go wrong with a combination like this. The excitement was all the greater when Apple, completely surprisingly, released the first trailer for the new series of the man behind films like "Blade Runner" and "Alien" a few weeks ago. "Raised by Wolves" takes place in a world destroyed by war, in which artificial intelligence is raising children. Fast

Raised by Wolves"

Surprise: With "Raised by Wolves" Ridley Scott brings an SF series into the stream.

Source: HBO Max / Sky

However, the question arises whether the AI's motives are really as friendly as it claims.

Doom Patrol, Season 2 (September 28, Amazon Prime)
Showing another side of the DC Universe "Doom Patrol". The audience liked it and so the superhero series got a second season. The question still arises whether the Doom Patrol is more of a self-help group or a superhero team, and in season 2 the members are again involved in absurd situations. First task for the heroes: get back to original size and free yourself from a toy train.

Those were our five tips. What are your streaming highlights in September? If you want to know what else can be found in the Netflix program in September 2020, you can see our overview.

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