Netflix and Apple battle for MGM film studio

of Dominik Zwingmann
Netflix and Apple are said to be currently buying the MGM film studio. Those responsible have already had extensive discussions with one another. With a deal, numerous classic films could end up on Netflix or Apple TV +. These include films by James Bond or Rocky. But the purchase of MGM should also be interesting for future in-house productions.

According to current reports, those responsible for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) want to sell the film studio. The company was already facing bankruptcy in 2010, but was able to stay afloat thanks to several hedge funds. Now Netflix and Apple are two major representatives in the streaming business interested in buying MGM. There is currently no favorite.

The most famous MGM productions include films by James Bond. The Rocky series, Spaceballs and Ben Hur are also part of the film studio's catalog. In the event of a deal with Netflix or Apple, this content could in future be seen exclusively on one of the two streaming platforms. Apple TV + in particular could significantly expand its own library with the MGM portfolio. So far, almost only in-house productions by the iPhone maker can be found there. But these film classics are also likely to be of great interest to Netflix.

Film producer Barbara Broccoli (currently responsible for the Bond series) has also recently spoken about productions for providers such as Netflix. According to MGM, such projects are not out of the question – at the moment, however, one still wants to concentrate on films. According to experts, the sale of the film studio should take place this year. Initial talks with Netflix and Apple have already been held. Selling to another company is of course still possible.

Source: Comicbook

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