Ubisoft and Netflix want to jointly convert even more of the company’s game series into an animated series. As part of Geeked Week, adaptations of Splinter Cell, Far Cry and Blood Dragon – the famous expansion of Far Cry 3 – were presented in the broadcast of Netflix. Most recently, a live-action project and an animated production for Assassin’s Creed have been announced. There are no start dates yet.

Rumors about a series related to Splinter Cell already surfaced in July 2020. Now the project has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft. This is Sam Fisher’s next appearance outside of a new main series game that fans have longed for for many years. The series will be written by Derek Kolstad, who also worked on John Wick. For the upcoming adaptation of Far Cry, Netflix and Ubisoft no details revealed yet.

On the other hand, there was a little more detailed information for the upcoming Blood Dragon project. The animated show will start on Netflix under the name “Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix” and accompany the protagonist on a parallel version of the earth. The super soldier managed to escape from the army of the tech company Eden. But before he retires with his friend Alex, he wants to try his hand at one last big robbery. Adi Shankar will be responsible for the show. You can find the excerpt with all Ubisoft announcements in the livestream for Geeked Week from minute 26.

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