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The people in charge of Netflix have announced that the fourth and final season of the popular anime series Castlevania will celebrate its premiere on May 13, 2021. In addition, a spin-off series should be in the works.

Already in March 2020 there was confirmation for the first time: Yes, it will give a fourth season of Castlevania! More than a year later, those responsible for Netflix have now revealed the specific date. The fourth and final season of the popular anime series is due to premiere on May 13th and consists of a total of ten episodes.

Showrunner Warren Ellis was responsible for the first three seasons. According to the deadline This is said to have only contributed the scripts for the fourth season, as he then had to fight allegations of abuse last summer, which he vehemently rejected.

Deadline also reports that Netflix is ​​planning a spin-off series in the Castlevania universe, with a completely new cast of characters. Warren Ellis should not be involved in the new project. Since Netflix itself shared the deadline article via Twitter, the rumors about the spinoff seem to be true.

What about it: Are you looking forward to the fourth season of Castlevania? How much did you like the previous episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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