“I just want my life back”. With this sentence, the trailer for Britney vs Spears opens the first look at the documentary about the pop star due to be released on September 28th. The report on Britney Spears, her struggle for freedom and against guardianship will appear on the streaming service Netflix.

Roughly outlined, the documentary is about the long-standing process in which Britney Spears sued against the guardianship of her father James P. Spears. The guardianship was established in 2008 because the young Spears was not in the best of mental health at the time. But the guardianship remained even after the regeneration of the singer and Britney Spears made public that she had been exploited in every way, which is why she wanted to end the guardianship in court.

Another documentary without the involvement of Britney Spears

The new documentary Britney vs Spears will also revolve around this lengthy process. “Using exclusive interviews and confidential evidence, journalist Jenny Eliscu and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr portray Britney Spears’ struggle for freedom”, it says under the Netflix trailer. There is no mention of Britney Spears involvement. That is probably because the pop star actually did not work on the documentary.

Like a source of that Page Six Store revealed that Britney vs Spears was one “more unauthorized documentation without your blessing or involvement.” Like the director Erin Lee Carr the Los Angeles Times told Spears that she had repeatedly tried to contact Spears, but to no avail.

Anyone who has followed past reports about the singer should hardly be surprised. Britney Spears is known for not wanting to share her tragic past in public. Who could blame her for that? The Netflix documentary was created anyway and should also achieve a broader public understanding of the case through new findings.

According to current information by the way, the guardianship should finally be ended. The corresponding process will most likely take place on September 29th, one day after the Netflix documentary was published.

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